Train &Track Inspection

Machine vision equipment for the automated inspection of passenger, freight, heavy haul rolling stock, track geometry & rail profile measurement

Software Solutions

Complete wayside condition monitoring data management & virtual train inspection


About Trimble Beena Vision Solutions

Beena Vision—A Trimble Company, is the leading manufacturer of automated vision-based wayside inspection systems for the railroad industry. Over the last twenty years, Beena Vision has pioneered and developed a number of innovative products using sophisticated machine vision and non-contact measurement technologies. These products are specifically designed to provide valuable information to effectively assess railcar components and track safety conditions.

About Trimble Rail Solutions

Trimble’s rail solutions combine the latest in sensors and monitoring technologies with customized software and wireless communications to quickly and accurately capture the data needed to maintain and construct rail infrastructure or to manage rail transport assets. Trimble’s rail asset lifecycle management products manage the lifecycle of rail transport assets from operation through maintenance and repair.




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